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Alpha II

Cordless Obturation Device for Optimal Warm Vertical Condensation

beta mini

Cordless Obturation Device for Optimal Backfill Beta Mini is now more compact and lighter in weight, with faster heating rate and easier to charge


Customize at your convenience with our interchangeable handles


Retractor and mirror all in one

New Beta Mini

Offered by B&L Biotech, the Beta Mini device is designed for warm gutta-percha techniques such as backfilling a canal with warm vertical obturation or performing a complete fill (injecting from the apex up). Perfectly complementing B&L's Alpha II heat source, it provides simplicity, durability, ease of use, and comfort in a cordless injectable obturation gun. Our newest Beta Mini, with its compact size, is designed for easier grip and effortless squeeze of gutta-percha, and its hand-piece is lightweight and ergonomic for users with large or small hands. Among its unique features is a patented 360 degree swivel needles, allowing users to change the angle of entry to any canal


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